About A Tisch Photography

I am a rebel.

The work that I create begins with my desire to stop amazing colors and fleeting moments in time. Some photographers adhere themselves to a formalist aesthetic believing in sharp lines and shapes, correct focus and perfect lighting. Although I do agree that these are all qualities great photographers need to have, my images deliberately have lens flares, under exposed areas, over exposed areas, and intentional blur.

My camera is not only a tool, but an extension of my being.

I see what it sees and it sees what I see, thus we are a team working together to create beautiful images. I am showing you, the viewer, how I see the world and the way I believe it is meant to be seen and felt.

My ideas come while living my day to day life.

I gain inspiration from music, pop culture, and the amazing people and places around me. Each project often consists of multiple subjects and themes, color palattes, and use of depth of field. My work has always been grounded within the realm of aesthetics and I love to travel to new places to capture the beauty around me.


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