Noe No Filter.

OMG! I was so excited and busy that I forgot to blog the Podcast I did with Noe!! Noe Lozano is an amazing portrait photographer that I met through the world of social media, and we have talked photography ever since. Very cool guy, has an opinion and an awesome eye for the human form, […]

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Whiskey Dog Wares

For the past few years, (I don’t remember how many exactly) I have been photographing this amazing local designer’s wares. Emily Miller is the best! All natural, eco-friendly materials, fresh hand made designs, and amazing style! I always have so much fun with her pieces and she gives me all the creative control, which is the best!

Anyway, Emily has just released a few new styles into her already huge variety of clothing, and guess what it entails?! Lingerie sets! So comfy, and so adorable.

Check out her etsy page at and order all of it! ❤

First up, the Neapolitan underwear set, modeled by myself. 🙂





Second, the Swan bodysuit in Heather grey and white. Modeled by Lauren Gioe





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