Tail Fins and Chrome Magazine

Recently I was contacted and invited to photograph an 8 page pictorial, including cover image, for a national magazine that is being reformatted and reinvented by an amazing artist, Brandon Windish. This magazine is called Tail Fins and Chrome, available for purchase at Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and through the website, http://www.tailfinsandchrome.com.

I could not be more excited to have someone know my work and love it so much that he thought of me when taking on this new project!

Gene, the owner of the super nice 1965 GTO, was a blast to work with, and really showed his rebel attitude with us! Selana was a perfect model, and I’m super excited for her to be in a magazine for the first time ever!

The print version of the final product should be available in the next week or so, and trust me I will keep you all updated upon its release. Thanks again to Dr. Greg, Brandon, Selana, Ian, Gene, and everyone else who helped make this crazy day of shooting a blast!












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